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Dr. Mattera specializes in helping people cope with the problems of daily living, so they can find contentment and peace in life. She can help you:

 heart_bulletEnhance your spiritual core

heart_bulletImprove your intimate relationship

heart_bulletEnrich relationships with family, friends, & co-workers

heart_bulletStrengthen your emotional well-being

heart_bulletBegin to live a healthy lifestyle

heart_bulletFind a career that is the best fit for you

heart_bulletGet organized

heart_bulletDe-stress and relax


Enhance Spirituality

A spiritual center is the starting point for success and joy in every other area of your life. Your relationship with your intimate partner, your relationships with family and friends, your work life, and your emotional health all spring from and depend upon a strong spiritual core. Dr. Mattera can help you to build and enhance the kind of spirituality from which a balanced life flows so that you can become the Joyful Soul you were meant to be. Click here to set up a telephone coaching session.


Whether you want to improve your intimate relationship, relationships with close friends and family members, or relationships with employers, co-workers and others, Dr. Mattera can help you achieve a sense of contentment. At times, we must let others know what we will or will not tolerate in our relationship with them. At other times, we do best to look inward and make changes in how we relate to others. In some instances we must learn to care for and love ourselves enough to cope with a difficult situation that seems like it will never change. Dr. Mattera can help you improve these relationships so you will feel confident you are handling your connection with others in the best manner possible. Help is a telephone coaching session away. Click Here today to set up an appointment.

Guidance toward Emotional and Physical Health

Taking care of your emotional and physical health is crucial to achieving a balanced and joyful existence. When you take care of yourself and are healthy, you are more productive in each area of focus of your life that is of value to you. Dr. Mattera can work with you to get the triumphant feeling that comes with having emotional and physical health. Although this is not the forum for serious mental health issues or medical problems, it is a place where you can focus on stress relief, obtaining a healthy lifestyle and coping with the problems of daily living you may be facing. Schedule a telephone coaching session today to be a Joyful Soul emotionally and physically

Career Coaching

We are here for a purpose, and our education and career path can help us to fulfill that destiny. A Joyful Soul understands that we are more than the work we do in life, yet yearns to tap into that intuitive feeling deep inside that allows us to grow and improve through our life’s work. Dr. Mattera can help you plan your education and set career goals. What is the best fit for you in the world of work? How can you accomplish your occupational goals? Find out by making an appointment here.